At Martin Media, we provide a personal, confidential recruitment service to meet your specific requirements

Our selection process is extremely thorough and we pride ourselves in our ability to source the right candidate for the job.

We like to meet all of our clients in person to formulate a specific brief for the vacancy and to get a feel for the working environment and dynamics of the company as a whole.

Of the many CVs we receive every day, we examine each one individually to source potential candidates for interview. We do not rely on the internet to conduct the search for us.

Each candidate is interviewed personally and in great depth, taking into account his or her work history, overall profile and career path. This way we can ensure that by the time our candidates reach you for interview they already show a good degree of commitment.

We think you will agree that a candidate’s personality is as crucial as their skills. This is why we place a strong emphasis on the individual character, seeking to find the perfect match for your particular environment and work culture. Even after the candidate has been placed, our guarantee service will refund you in the unlikely event that a candidate should leave.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.